Undergraduate Honors Theses

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Asymmetric Transport Using Nonlinear Parity-Time Symmetric Structures
Nicholas Bender
High Honors

Wave Transport Phenomena in Systems with Generalized Parity-Time Symmetry
Junsik Matthew Lee
High Honors


Asymmetric Light Propagation in Active Photonic Structures
Samuel Abraham Kalish
High Honors


Exploiting Wave Transport in PT-Symmetric Media
Zin Lin
High Honors


Chaos at the Crossroads of Spontaneous Symmetry Breakings: Novel Universality Classes
Carl T. West
High Honors


Non-Hermitian Dynamics: Examples from Disordered Microwave Cavities and Classical Optics
Mei Chai Zheng
High Honors


Wave-packet Dynamics in Unconventional RMT Models
James Maxwell Aisenberg
High Honors


Conductance of Mesoscopic Rings
Rangga Perdana Budoyo
High Honors

Signatures of Phase Transition in Wave Dynamics of Complex Systems
Gim Seng Ng
High Honors

Counting Statistics of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Double-Well Potential
Katrina Anne Smith-Mannschott
High Honors